Chemical anchors

Two-component chemical anchors withstand heavy loads. They are easy to apply and have universal usage. Cartridges may be kept for further applications for as long as 12 months.

Chemical anchors may be used around the edges of the base material because no mechanical tension occurs.


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Chemical anchors may be divided into two groups according to the resin material

  • Vinyl ester resins, made without styrene, may be applied also in non-ventilated spaces
  • Polyester resins with/without styrene
  • Epoxy acrylate

Application of a chemical anchor 

Drill a hole of a proper diameter (one size larger is recommended to allow sufficient distribution of the resin from the chemical anchor), using high-quality bits. Clear the drilled hole thoroughly, e.g. with a brush. Apply the anchor using a blender which mixes individual resin components to achieve an ideal ratio of both components, obtaining a suitable substance for anchoring.

Advantages of chemical cartridges

Chemical cartridges may be used in both interiors and exteriors. They are tensionless, i.e. the may be used close to the edges. Chemical cartridges may be used in both interiors and exteriors.

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