History and today


The company was established as a small fastening material shop in Úpice.


The shop premises were enlarged with a warehouse.


Business activities exceeded regional borders, which resulted in the opening of a branch in Hradec Králové with a 1000 m2 warehouse. In this way the company acquired the space to enlarge the stocks of fastening material both in terms of individual pieces as well as in the range of products, and consequently extended goods delivery to companies throughout the Czech Republic.


Further growth of the company in our home town of Úpice led to our move to a larger, reconstructed compound with an area of 1000 m2 in the Tonava premises. In Hradec Králové the company moved to a shop in Ladova street, which better met the requirements for direct selling of the goods.


In Kovová street, Hradec Králové, a new warehouse with a distribution outlet was built, with an area of 2000 m2. In Regnerova street, Úpice, other premises with an area of 500 m2 were reconstructed, with a distribution outlet and a pallet warehouse.


A new warehouse with a storage capacity of 1800 pallet places was built in Úpice.


Introduction of the floating position system.


The outlet in Ladova street, Hradec Králové, was closed down.


A new warehouse was completed in Úpice with approx. 2100 storage places.


The e-shop was opened.

Kanban system via bar code readers.

Export of goods outside the CR to customers within the EU.


Centralization of the Sales and Purchase Departments in Úpice.

Design of the new receipt and dispatch hall and extension of the office area in premises in Úpice.

Launch of the testing laboratory – in addition to basic measuring, we also perform material strength checks with the WILSON WOLPERT 432 MVD durometer.

Added to the size range of basic items (DIN 931, 933, 912…). Our range currently consists of more than 52,000 items - fasteners, joining materials and anchoring devices; we have 25,000 items in stock.


Change of the statutes of the Hradec Králové branch – it becomes a reserve storage from which the goods are replenished to the dispatch warehouse in Úpice.

Construction of a new receipt and dispatch hall and offices in Úpice.


Sales of branch in Hradec Kralové.

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