Locking washers

Long tab washer (DIN 93)

Tab washer with long and short tab (DIN 463)

External tab washer (DIN 432)

Internal tab washer (DIN 462)

Star washer STARLOCK, uncapped or capped

MB lock washer for KM round nut DIN 981 (DIN 5406)

Locking washer for groove round nut DIN 70852 (DIN 70952)

Locking conical spring washer for screwed connection (DIN 6796)

NORD-LOCK washer for hexagon head cap screws

NORD-LOCK washer for cheese head screws

Safety washer SCHNORR, standard type "S"

Safety washer SCHNORR, reinforced type "VS"

Safety washer HEDTMANN

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