Business terms

1. Delivery of goods

   Goods in stock: – purchase orders by 10:00 a.m. (noon) – delivery on the next working day within the
   Czech Republic;    other orders are delivered in two working days

   Goods which are not in stock: – on the basis of our offer

2. Transport

   In the case of a one-time purchase order higher than CZK 6000 excl. VAT, no carriage is charged in
   the CR.

3. Prices

   Customer prices are set individually – possibly as negotiable prices.

   Prices stated in the price list are only valid when purchasing the whole package.

   Unpacking fee:

   The unpacking fee is only charged when purchasing a smaller number of pieces than the number
   contained in one    package.

   - The unpacking fee amounts to 60% of the price

   - If there is at least one package available which contains less than or precisely 25 pieces, and the
     purchase is smaller, the unpacking fee is not charged

   - The minimum price of one item after unpacking is CZK 50

   - When the price of  the whole package is less than CZK 50 the current lower price applies

     The price of goods is recalculated every third week.

4. Forms of the delivery:

            - Direct delivery from the wholesale warehouse

            - Shipped by carriers

            - Shipped by the supplier

            - Consignment stocks

            - Kanban

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